Mumiy Troll




Hailing from Vladivostok, Pacific Russia, Mumiy Troll is led by Ilya Lagutenko. As one of the most popular and prolific indie bands in the post-Soviet states, Mumiy Troll is known for their influential music, successful DIY-indie marketing approaches, unparalleled performances and a constant love of adventure. They recorded their new English-language album, Malibu Alibi, on an ancient Russian tall ship while circumnavigating the globe.  The “adventure” nearly brought the band to its knees, but it gave Ilya the opportunity to find new collaborators in every port including Japan, China, South Africa and the USA.  A truly imaginative and hard-won sound emerged combining the Russian Taiga, Asian urban jungles, Pacific surf and African sunsets. Ilya and Mumiy Troll are true musical diplomats transcending politics, borders and barriers.